Reverie: The Art of Travis Stephens-Hardback Edition


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Reverie is a 102-page Art Nouveau-inspired collection of 32 illustrations presented in both black & white and full color. The included pieces are divided into three collections: Daydreaming, Selfies, and Fantasy.

In Daydreaming, the pieces evoke that sense of escapism you experience when lost in your own thoughts.

Selfies presents a captured moment in time that explores how individuals create and share their own reality.

Fantasy contains artwork that brings the imaginative ideas formed while daydreaming to life.

This limited-edition hardback artbook features 102 pages of original artwork by artist Travis Stephens. Printed on high-gloss paper, the colors pop off the page! This hardback edition is limited to only 50 copies and features 8 pages of sketches and a making-of the cover.

This hardback will not be reprinted.


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